Country Living Grain Mill Clamp

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Grain Mill Clamp

Now there is a way to easily and securely mount your Country Living Grain Mill to a counter or workbench! This indestructible clamp is made from 1/4" steel and will mount to any horizontal surface up to 2&3/8" thick with at least a 1&1/4" lip. Keep in mind that your grinding experience will only be as good as your mounting job is sturdy. We'll never forget the time when a gal called us up because she had a "faulty" grain mill. Turns out she was trying to grind while standing on the mill to hold it down! With the Country Living Counter Clamp all your energy goes where it should --into grinding flour.



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    Posted by Happy Customer on Dec 9th 2020

    This clamp is very well built and well worth the price. I own a metal fabrication shop and can't build this for the price I paid. I cut a piece of cupboard shelf liner (the soft gripping kind) to place over the counter top and edge before installing this clamp to prevent scratching. It works well.