Country Living Mill Peanut Butter Accessory

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Country Living peanut butter attachment


Due to extremely high demand - current delivery time for all Country Living Products is 4-5 weeks


After many months of testing and refinement, we are pleased to announce the Peanut Butter+Plus Accessory for the Country Living Grain Mill!  With the Peanut Butter+Plus Accessory, you can easily convert your Country Living Grain Mill into a lean, mean nut-butter making machine:  The Peanut Butter+Plus Mill!

Grinding your own nut butters is fast and easy.  No electricity required! With the Peanut Butter+Plus Accessory attached to your Country Living Grain Mill, you'll have the best hand-powered nut butter mill on the market.  With it's patented system, it processes even the largest peanuts that leave other mills clogged and useless.  How do we know?  We've tested the competition!

You can convert your mill back to a grain grinder at any time, by reinstalling the grinding plates.  Now your Country Living Grain Mill is more versatile than ever!

*A Country Living Grain Mill is required for this product to function and can be purchased separately. This attachment is intended for soft oily nuts such as peanuts, cashews, pecans and walnuts.  It is not intended for almonds.