Emergency Preparedness



Prepared Planet has been a trusted and recognized name on the internet since 2006. Prepared Planet was one of the first emergency preparedness sites online to start the prepping movement. In our quest for superior emergency water filtration, Propur USA was born out of Prepared Planet. We pride ourselves in carrying the gold standard for quality water filter systems as well as offering trusted emergency preparedness supplies. We want to empower people to greater wellness and peace of mind, no matter what situation. In our search for quality products throughout the years, we found and put them all in one store so you can be assured you're purchasing trusted products that you can rely on. We're homesteaders and believe in self reliance, bringing almost 30 years experience in practical emergency preparedness and water filtration solutions. We continue to grow and add new products regularly, so make sure you don't miss out on our exclusive deals for members only by signing up for our newsletter. We look forward to serving your water filtration and emergency preparedness needs.