Home Tobacco Seed Collection

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Home Tobacco Seed Collection

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Heirloom Organics Tobacco Seed Collection

From the earliest moments in American history, tobacco has been important as a ceremonial sacrament, a cherished pastime and a valuable trade commodity. Our Organic Tobacco seed collection features 7 of the most common, easy-to-grow varieties for all your tobacco growing needs.

Smoking (Cigarettes, Cigars and Pipe), Chew, Snuff, Ceremonial and Medicinal tobaccos are all included in this pack of heirloom tobacco seeds, along with complete instructions on planting, maintaining, harvesting and curing your tobacco for use. Tobacco is also a very effective home solution for Pest Control. You can create a Tobacco Juice to spray around your plants as well as planting it around your garden to deter pests.

Tobacco Seed Vault Varieties

Kentucky Burley | Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipe, Chew, Snuff
An old Kentucky favorite used by many growers for its thin dark leaves. Also a good cigar wrapper as well as chewing tobacco. Good yield and cures well.

Madole | Cigarettes, Pipes, Chew, Snuff
Madole is a dark tobacco used by many growers to produce a good yield of high quality tobacco which cures well.

Louisiana Perique | Cigar, Cigarettes, Pipes, Snuff, Chew, Medicinal Use
The famous and extremely rare Louisiana tobacco. Originally grown by the Indians and fermented and pressed in hollow logs, this is a very potent tobacco. Usually used mixed with milder types. Now grown commercially by only a few families, the leaves are prepared by prolonged pressing and fermenting, into an almost black tobacco which commands high prices.

Black Mammoth | Cigar Wrappers, Snuff
Gives a good weight of fine dark tobacco, and holds itself up well so that the leaves stay cleaner. Certified Kentucky-grown seed. This is the preferred species of the tobacco industry. Small Stalk Black Mammoth is a good-yielding sturdy variety. This deep dark tobacco is great for cigar wrappers and snuff.

Tennesse Burley | Cigarettes, Chew, Dip, Pipes, Snuff
This is a standard Tennessee Burley that produces good yield, high quality tobacco that is favored for cigarettes. This plant has multiple disease resistance. A vigorous plant that is easy to grow.

Dark Virginia (Orinoco) | Cigarettes, Chew, Cigars, Dip
Tall tobacco with a thick textured, crinkly leaves that produces a fine dark, rich tobacco that is a favorite of pipe smokers worldwide. Also makes a good blending tobacco for cigars and cigarettes.

Ceremonial Tobacco | Ceremonial Use, Medicinal Use, Cigarettes, Pipes, Snuff, Arrow Poison
Nicotiana rustica, also known as Sacred Tobacco, Mapacho, Aztec tobacco, and a host of other names. Originating in Mexico but was widely cultivated throughout the Americas by native peoples for ceremonial purposes. A very potent variety with very high nicotine content used throughout the Americas as well as Turkey and India among other places. The plants reach about three feet in height, are vigorous and fairly hardy. The abundant yellow blossoms bloom all day and make it an interesting garden annual. Cultivated worldwide for smoking and nicotine production. Potency is high and has been said to have been used as an arrow poison in Mexico.

*Total weight of the Tobacco seed pack is 0.14 oz. Due to ongoing seed shortages, seed varieties subject to change without notice. Replacements will be as close as possible and will be included in your order documentation. Prepared Planet is not libel for any effects that may be associated with this product or tobacco use. Purchaser agrees to being 18 yrs of age or older.