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Now there’s a ProOne® for your entire home!

  • The most advanced 4 stage compact water filtration system.
  • Includes sub-micron post filter.
  • No electricity required.
  • ProOne® unveils next-generation compact ProHomeTM whole house water filtration system.
  • Great tasting water with broad-spectrum contaminant reduction.
  • Remove 220+ contaminants for as little as $0.035 per gallon up to 50,000 gallons.
  • Ideal for residential use in filtering potable municipal or well water*. 





*For well water use, we recommend you test your water for pH, hardness, iron and bacteria. Well water with an iron of >.3mg/l may require a water softener system. Questions? Contact ProOne HOME at 1-800-544-3533  

The ProHomeTM system

  • Removes a broad range of 220+ contaminants including fluoride
  • Includes a scale inhibitor to help protect your “plumbed-in” water-using appliances from the damaging effects of limescale build-up
  • Is easy to install and easy to maintain
  • Compact in size – overall 3 tank assembly is just 25” x 10” x 28”
  • with ElectroChargedTM Sub-micron filter assembly at 7” x 15”
  • Flowrate rated at 7gpm

The ProHomeTM system includes:

  • 3 stage/tank configuration with rack
  • 1 stage ElectroChargedTM Sub-micron filter assembly with bracket
  • 3/4” push-fit quick connectors
  • Additional 3/4” PEX tubing
  • Pre-sediment filter assembly (optional)
  • ProSoft saltless water softener/conditioner (optional)
  • Professional installation required
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