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Propur ProOne G2.0 Mini Water Filter

The ProOne G2.0 Mini filter is for use with the Propur Water Pitcher.  The ProOne G2.0 filter by Propur is ideal for use with most water sources including lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, rain and tap water. The new ProOne G2.0 ALL-IN-ONE CONTAMINANTS & FLUORIDE GRAVITY WATER FILTER combines silver infused white ceramic with new ProSorb granular activated carbon based media. In addition to primary contaminants, only the ProOne G2.0 filter element helps reduce or remove heavy metals, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, chloramines, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and more. The ProOne G2.0 filter is easy to install, use and clean - no priming required and no additional add-on filters necessary to remove fluoride. The ProOne G2.0 ALL-IN-ONE CONTAMINANTS & FLUORIDE GRAVITY WATER FILTER has been tested to meet NSF/ANSI standards 42 & 53 and NSF Protocol P231.  

ProOne G2.0 filter elements are available in 4 sizes: 

  • ProOne M G2.0 Water Filter Pitcher -- Recommended Replacement – approx 6 months per filter or 200 gals
  • ProOne 5" G2.0 for Traveler and Nomad Units -- Recommended Replacement – approx. 6 months per filter or 600 gals
  • ProOne 7" G2.0 for Nomad & Big Units -- Recommended replacement – approx. 12 months per pair or 1,200 gals
  • ProOne 9" G2.0 for King and most other brands -- Recommended replacement – approx. 12 months per pair or 1,200+ gals

The ProOne G2.0 filter has been tested in accordance with NSF 42 and 53 standards, and the only ALL-IN-ONE CONTAMINANTS & FLUORIDE GRAVITY WATER FILTER that qualifies as a microbiological water purifier by NSF protocol P231. 

Propur ProOne G2.0 Water Filter Testing

Test results from an independent water testing lab certified by the state of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection show the ProOne G2.0 filter removes and/or reduces contaminants including heavy metals, VOC’s, monochloramines, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, Giardia and more without any add-on filters. Even the contaminants that were found in the Toledo and West Virginia water supplies are covered by the ProOne G2.0 filter.  Click here for lab report

Here’s why the Propur ProOne G2.0 water filter is technically advanced over other gravity filters

  • You don’t need to prime the ProOne G2.0 filter - It doesn’t make sense – if you’re trying to filter out contaminants in your water, why use contaminated water to prime your filters 
  • There’s no need to buy any additional device to prime your filters 
  • Fluoride, arsenic and other heavy metals are reduced/removed by a process called absorption using a specially formulated carbon based granular media inside the ProOne G2.0, not alumina as used by other manufacturers in their add-on filters. 
  • The ProOne G2.0 is silver infused which helps prevent the growth of bacteria 
  • Engineered to maintain its structural integrity and uses the most advanced materials to prevent any potential base separation 
  • Sized at 2.75” diameter rather than 2” as with other brands of gravity filters for maximum performance 
  • Leaves good minerals, including calcium, in water

The ProOne G2.0 ALL-IN-ONE filter ADVANTAGE

  • No need to purchase and attach add-on filters to remove fluoride, arsenic or other heavy metals 
  • No add-on filters hang down into the water storage container that could leach into your drinking water 
  • No add-on filters to slow down flow rate 
  • No add-on filters that require frequent replacement and expense 

The Propur ProOne G2.0 water filter is available in 4 sizes to fit all Propur systems and most other brands of gravity systems. Choose the most advanced gravity water filter – choose the ProOne G2.0 by Propur 

The Propur ProOne 9" G2.0 water filters are designed to work with most other brands of gravity fed water filtration units such as Berkey that use a standard 2" by 9" filter element. Now you can upgrade your filters to Propur without needing to purchase a completely new unit.