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Propur G1.0 9" Filter

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Propur  ProOne G1.0 9" Water Filter

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Propur ProOne G1.0 9" Replacement Ceramic Water Filters (2 Filters included)

Looking for a replacement water filter for your competitive brand of gravity water filter system? If removing fluoride is not a concern, the  ProOne G1.0 ceramic water filter may be your best choice. The Propur ProOne G1.0 filter element consists of NSF Certified silver infused outer ceramic shell to help inhibit the growth of bacteria and removes up to 99.9999% of E.coli, bacteria and Cysts. The core consists of a proprietary blend of GAC (granular activated carbon) which helps remove and/or reduce contaminants including many heavy metals, VOC’s, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides and herbicides without the expense of any additional add-on filters. The GAC holds certifications including ANSI/NSF-61, AWWA B604-96, EN12915. The ProOne G1.0 is available in a 2.75” x 9” size and requires NO PRIMING… 

Propur Water Filters
Only Propur can make this statement: The ProOne G1.0 and G2.0 series filters are made using 100% renewable energy. We are responsible to the environment. No other gravity filter manufacturer can make this claim. 

Propur G1.0 Water Filter Difference
What's the difference between the ProOne G1.0 vs ProOne G2.0? The ProOne G1.0 filters are ideal for competitor system replacement filters and also if you know your water doesn't need fluoride removal, whereas the ProOne G2.0 water filters also fit competitor systems AND remove fluoride. The ProOne G1.0 filters are ideal for people on private water systems such as well water.

Propur ProOne G1.0 filter Includes:
2 - 9" ProOne G1.0 Filters
No Priming!
Ideal if you don't need fluoride removal
Fits most Propur, Berkey, Aquarain & Doulton systems (excluding SCOUT and GoBerkey)