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SOG PowerAssist – Nylon Sheath

The new PowerAssist takes multi-tools to a new level. This is the first in the world to house not just one but two SOG Assisted Technology™ blades. Start to open the main blades, which are available when the main tool is closed, and S.A.T. takes over to complete opening. When not in use, these blades lock closed using our patent pending side release. Flip open the tool and experience the precision of the heavy-duty plier capability and large wire cutters. Smooth handle surfaces promote comfort on even the toughest jobs. While open, five other components are also included.

Compound Leverage has become a SOG patented trademark for folding tools. With the same hand pressure you will generate twice the wire cutting and gripping power than all other conventional designs.

SOG Assisted Technology works through the balance of opposing high-tension coil springs. As one opens the blade the force to propel the knife open becomes greater than the closing force and the blade will open on its own. The end result propels the blade out once the operator has initiated the one-handed opening action.

SOG’s Double Tooth Saw design is truly cutting edge! The alternating tooth design allows the saw to grip while at the same time reducing friction for optimal performance. No outdoorsman should go into the wild without it!

Closed 4.675" 
Open 7.125" 
Weight 9.3 oz. 
Head Type Needle Nose 
Steel Stainless 
Finish Polished 
Sheath Nylon 
Country of Origin Assembled in 
the USA

Component List:

Wire cutter 
serrated knife blade 
straight edge blade 
3-sided file 
Phillips screwdriver 
1/4” socket driver 
Small / Medium / Large screwdrivers 
Can opener 
Bottle opener 
Lanyard ring


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