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Solar Powered Lantern with Hand Crank

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Solar powered + hand crank lantern

Mini Solar Powered Lantern

Got emergency lighting? No batteries available? No Problem with the “Mini Solar Lantern”. This hand crank solar lantern can be used with or without batteries, or it can also be powered by the sun or hand cranked to provide lighting.  Ideal for camping or in case of emergency during a power outage or natural disaster. Never worry about running out of fresh batteries again. You will never be without light  with all these different options.  The perfect solution for emergency lightingThe “Mini Solar Lantern” is also a great green powered product. 


•It can be powered by the Sun.
•It has 6 super bright LED’s
•High and Low brightness
•Emergency cell phone charger
•Safe to use indoors or out
•It can be used for lighting inside a tent,
•Comes with hand cranking dynamo charger built-in
•Has AC/DC input No batteries to replace.